My Speaker is no longer available

The rest of this page is for historic reference only.

My Speaker

At last you can talk to your Sonos speakers to listen to music on a quality device, using the My Speaker Alexa Skill and app.

From the creators of Phonos, the most successful independent Sonos app ever, we now have My Speaker, to free Alexa users from low quality audio, and to expand your music all over your home with your Sonos system.

For more information, go here. Once you have installed it, for further assistance go here.

Things You Can Say

Here are just some of the things you can tell My Speaker. For the full list, check the menu in the app itself.


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More Notes

As you can probably tell, we don't spend a lot of time making beautiful web sites. Instead we direct our resources into making and maintaining our apps. Hope that is ok with you.

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